Sunday, 18 February 2018

Sunday morning musings..........

Just a few random thoughts before I go out to enjoy a sunny afternoon in Paris..........

I continue to find moments of pure joy, where I just let myself go and nothing else matters except the beauty in front of me at that instant.  Sometimes it's walking down a street and realizing I live in Paris.  Sometimes it's happening upon something totally unexpected, like a free exhibit in a tiny library where I learn about a new artist.  Sometimes, it's revisiting places that have brought me joy in the past and realizing they still do.  Sometimes, it's walking past somewhere I went to with my ex husband and being able to smile at a memory, without anger or regret. This happened to me last week and it was so good to realize that the past cannot hurt me anymore.  It's just that ~ the past.  It is what it is and I've moved forward and am here, now, in the present and loving my life.  That is pure joy.

The people in my life also bring me joy ~ surrounding myself with kind people, who care about others.  Surrounding myself with intelligent people, who can have meaningful discussions about our world and how it affects us all.  Surrounding myself with sarcastic, witty people, who can make me laugh until I snort. What is even better is that my friends feed all these needs for me ~ the time I spend with them makes me happy, makes me think and makes me laugh.

As I listen to Stevie Nicks sing about being afraid of changes, I realize I am not afraid of change ~ I welcome it.  I seek it.  I revel in it.  Life is constant change ~ some good, some bad.  You can't control that change.  You can only control how you react to it.  That has been my mantra for the last four years and it has helped me get here ~ get to the point where I am able to Let It Be and just enjoy this life.

So I'm going to leave you with some photos of things and people that bring me joy ~ Happy Sunday :)
Seeing trees in bloom in February makes me unreasonably happy

I'll never, ever tire of this painting 

the blue sky of Paris at dusk

my three loves ~ they are always on my mind

memories that help me when I miss home